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Versatile and contemporary architectural floodlight for decorative lighting of building façades

  • Robust 'minimalist' luminaire with integral gear, in four sizes for easy integration into any environment
  • Variety of light sources with adjustable positioning (except for TC-TEL models), reflectors, lenses and wattages optimises light output and provides creative effects. Light effects via LEDs + holographic films (size 1) or colour filters
  • Double lamp versions available with independent electric circuits (size 3 and 4) provide energy savings and help to control obtrusive light.
  • Easy installation with a single tool and automatic connection reduces installation time and cost

Materials and Finish

Body and frame: die-cast aluminium EN AN4700 and extruded ENAW 6060 housing (copper free) with high corrosion resistance and powdered painted close to RAL 9007 with corrosion resistance. Other RAL colours available on request.
Reflector: pure aluminium.
Front glass: toughened glass, thickness 6mm - size 1, 8mm - sizes 2 and 3, 12mm - size 4.
Retaining screws: stainless steel
Gasket: silicone
Holographic films: non-yellowing polycarbonate

Installation and Mounting

Remove the mounting plate by unscrewing 2 Allen screws. Fix the plate to the wall with screws (not supplied). Connect the supply cable to the fast connector (supplied). Plug the fast connector and lock with the two Allen screws. Open the enclosure(s) by removing rings and glasses. Insert the correct lamp(s) and adjust them as required. Close the enclosure(s).
Fast connectors for electrical connection, cable diameters: Size 1: 8-12mm; Sizes 2, 3, 4: 6-12mm
For LED versions, add holographic films under the glass with the structured side of the film in contact with the front glass. Rotate the film to obtain the required light effect.


To specify state:
Contemporary wall mounted floodlight for 3W LED/35W QR-CBC/75W QPAR30 Halogen 18-24W TC-TEL/35W HIT-TC-CE/70-150W HIT and 70 HST, in 4 sizes, IP65 protected, gear integrated, optional colour filters, frosted glass or louvre available as accessories.
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Cesar Size 1 LED, downlight

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
CESAR 1 CIRC 1X3L35 10D 7603257LED1.7296231435
CESAR 1 CIRC 1X3L35 10D 8303190LED2.0796260451
CESAR 1 CIRC 1X3L35 10D BU1.7296231436
CESAR 1 CIRC 1X3L35 10D GN1.7296231437
CESAR 1 CIRC 1X3L35 10D RD1.7296231438
CESAR 1 CIRC 1X3L35 10D YE1.7296231439

Cesar Size 1 LED, up/downlight

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
CESAR 1 CIRC 2X3L35 10D 7606257LED1.9496231452
CESAR 1 CIRC 2X3L35 10D 8306190LED2.2996260452
CESAR 1 CIRC 2X3L35 10D BU3LED1.9496231453
CESAR 1 CIRC 2X3L35 10D GN3LED1.9496231454
CESAR 1 CIRC 2X3L35 10D RD3LED1.9496231455
CESAR 1 CIRC 2X3L35 10D YE3LED1.9496231456

Cesar Size 1, downlight

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CESAR 1 CIRC 1x35W 12V QR-CBC51/GU5,3HRGGU5.31.7796231434
CESAR1CIRC 1X35W 12V QR-CBC51/GU5,3/LHRGGU5.31.7796546660

Cesar Size 1, up/downlight

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CESAR 1 CIRC 2X35W 12V QR-CBC51/GU5,3HRGGU5.31.9996231451
CESAR1CIRC 2X35W 12V QR-CBC51/GU5,3/LHRGGU5.31.9996546667

Cesar Size 2, downlight

Cesar Size 2, up/downlight

Cesar Size 3, downlight

Cesar Size 3, up/downlight

Cesar Size 4, downlight

Cesar Size 4, up/downlight

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