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Thorn: Our commitment to LED

  • Thorn's commitment to LED Lighting
Jun 09, 2014

With increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, the lighting industry is in a phase of significant innovative change. Lighting, which is so integral to our everyday lives, has one of the biggest impacts on our economic and ecological environment. It therefore also presents one of the biggest opportunities to make a positive difference.

Here at Thorn we are taking industry-leading steps to turn lighting and energy opportunities into reality. We are continually developing smart solutions. Using LEDs in combination with control systems we can offer major reductions in carbon emissions and energy consumption. In recent years we have introduced more than 25 LED products. This has put our worldwide LED sales in excess of 35% of total sales, which is ahead of where we estimate the lighting industry to be as a whole.

Crucially, all new product developments are 100% focused on being designed for LED. We take this ethos very seriously. Alongside new product developments we are continually upgrading our existing luminaires to integrate LED solutions where it makes sense. The key here is that we keep the light output the same while dramatically reducing the wattage. In many cases we have now matched the light output to the application rather than the lamp and have actually increased the light output while reducing energy consumption.

Very soon we will be looking at products in excess of 120Llm/w in places like office and education environments. That’s more than double the level achieved by a conventional fluorescent.

All in all we have a committed research and development team that are always looking ahead to new and different ways to improve lighting while reducing energy costs and the impact of our activities on the environment.

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