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Thorn wins prestigious energy award

  • Thorn Lighting wins prestigious energy award
Oct 10, 2013

Thorn Landskrona, Sweden, is the winner of the 2013 prestigious E-Prize energy award. The award strives to recognise small and large companies across Sweden working in an innovative and effective way to conserve energy while creating better business.

Following an extensive energy and environmental review of its activities, one of Thorn's energy saving initiatives included actively controlling when different machines are on and off. For example, the compressor used to run at all times, even when there was a leak in the tubing – which is not uncommon. However, by turning the compressor off when not in use, and making a few other minor changes, the financial savings from reducing energy consumption are approximately €400,000.

In another initiative, Thorn replaced the oven which had previously stripped off paint from the painting hooks, with a chemical bath, which is much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Patrik Källåker, Operations Director at Thorn Landskrona, says: "This is the second year Thorn has been nominated for the E-Prize award. The fact that we've won it this year reflects the improvements made over the past year.

"The key to our success is our passion for energy savings, initiated by the Construction and Maintenance Manager, Lars – Göran Andersson. His long-term commitment to environmental and energy improvements for both our building and processes has provided significant annual savings. We are very proud to be able to do something for the environment, and are delighted that our efforts have been recognised with the E-Prize award."

Now in its fifth year, the award is run by financial Magazine "Veckans Affärer" and energy provider E-ON. It is awarded to companies that are contributing to a more sustainable Sweden through distinguished energy efficiency.

The 2013 judging panel comprised: Maria Sunér-Flemming, Director of Energy and Climate Policy at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise; Erik Brandsma, Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency; Martina Krüger, Head of Climate and Energy for Greenpeace Nordic; Jonas Abrahamsson, President &CEO of E-ON Nordic; and Per Olof Lindsten, Editor of Business Week.

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