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Urba scoops top 2015 design award in France

  • Urba scoops top 2015 design award in France
  • Urba scoops top 2015 design award in France
Feb 02, 2015

Thorn's innovative new LED urban lantern, Urba, has won the prestigious"Etoile Observeur du design 2015" award at the Star design award ceremony in Paris. Urba is a versatile LED urban lantern exclusively designed by world renowned architects, city planners and designers, Wilmotte & Industries.

Created by APCI (Industry for the Promotion of Industrial Creation), Observer du Design is an award that identifies innovative achievements through design. It promotes design as a key factor in business competitiveness as well as economic, social and cultural innovation.

APCI describes Urba as a "contemporary, economic, innovative and versatile luminaire range which is able to adapt to all kinds of urban and architectural contexts. The design is very fine in the front of the product with the light source gradually thickening to the intersection of the mast so to harmoniously integrate technical components and above all, create a formal continuity."

"The aluminium exterior of the luminaire is free from frills and excessive styling, and coated with a black epoxy paint which is slightly grained. The light source in contrast consists of a set of varnished aluminium and glass dichroic. This contrast creates a "signature" – a recognisable identity day and night."

"Finally, a gradient light effect optimises visual comfort."

Thorn's Global Product Manager for outdoor decorative lighting, Corinne Delor, says: "We are delighted to have won this award for Urba, especially because Thorn was the only luminaire company to be represented this year. Observeur du Design not only looks at aesthetics, but also how economic the product is to run, and how durable and environmentally friendly it is. This award reflects that Urba ticks all of the boxes."

For more information about Urba, please clickhere.

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