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The new products from Thorn

Apr 08, 2021

EDITION 1/2021

It is our pleasure to share with you all the new and exciting products from Thorn Lighting. For 2021 we have created the very best solutions for lighting a multitude of environments, offering the ultimate in durability, efficiency, performance and sustainability.

Each product has been carefully engineered to deliver what is needed for optimal planning, ease of installation, while remaining economical. These products also play their part in a circular economy and are adaptable for the future and all the new innovative technologies on the horizon.

Beta - Flexible, efficient, dependable 

This versatile luminaire is offering the ultimate light quality for education and working environments. With its back lit LRO technology, glare is significantly reduced, bringing comfort as standard. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, Beta is the perfect refurbishment choice. Explore what Beta has to offer. 

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Isaro - Durable, discrete efficiency

Road lighting like never before. Isaro is the road lantern that does not compromise on performance. This durable, robust and contractor friendly lantern is designed to be future proofed and to withstand the harshest elements. Available in two sizes with five light colours, Isaro is the reliable lantern that will perform today, and tomorrow. 

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Carat - Durable performance at the service of timeless elegance

Carat, the durable and elegant urban lighting lantern can be elevated further with Variable Light Distribution technology. Thorn Variable Light Distribution adapts both the performance and ambience of Carat to configure to each project. By mixing two lighting distributions and two colour temperatures into one luminaire, the Variable Light Distribution optimises the comfort and security for each user in one common area, should they be pedestrians, cyclists or motorists. Carat can also be used with the environmental friendly NightTune technology.

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Voyager Square - Strong , smooth and highly protected

With a recognition range of 44m, this robust emergency luminaire has both IP65 protection and an IK10 rating. With multiple pictogram configurations available, and a multitude of supply possibilities, Voyager Square is the go to, flexible safety sign luminaire you can depend on. 

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Product improvements 

Voyager Solid is available now in high performance versions with increased lumen packages.

Diffusalux is still our perfect high performance batten replacement, ideal for all refurbishment needs, being both versatile and easy to use on-site.

The recessed ceiling luminaire IQ Beam is designed for virtually any setting. With multiple options, balanced performance and a clear linear design, it is the easy to install, use and enjoy option. 

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