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Areapak Pro

  • Areapak Pro

A versatile area floodlighting LED luminaire suited for wide ranging weather climate

  • Excellent thermal management einsures a lifespan up to 100 000 hours at ambient temperatures of 35°C
  • Comprehensive optical solution to cover full scale of applications
  • Fast payback and minimal Total Cost of Ownership with substantial energy saving
  • Excellent control of spill light – 0cd at 90°

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium, painted grey RAL 9006
Heatsink: die-cast aluminium, painted dark sandy grey RAL 7043
Frame and stirrup: hot-dip galvanized steel
Glass: 5mm toughened
Screws: stainless steel

Installation and Mounting

Stirrup can be fixed by one Ø22mm, two Ø15mm holes and/or two Ø12mm holes.
Stirrup is reversible for hangdown position. Integral gear tray, access by removal of canopy via 4 allen screws. Supply via cable gland for Ø8-12mm cable.


To specify state:
A versatile area floodlighting LED luminaire with comprehensive optical solutions to cover full scale of applications in general purpose area lighting and sports lighting. Available in 2 sizes with lumen packages from 18 000 lm to 36 000lm and high mechanical resistance (IP66, IK08).
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Areapak Pro Medium, asymmetric

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
APP M 72L70 L740 A15 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664295
APP M 72L70 L740 A45 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664296
APP M 72L70 L740 A60 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664297
APP M 72L70 L840 A15 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664340
APP M 72L70 L840 A45 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664332
APP M 72L70 L840 A60 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664333

Areapak Pro Medium, symmetric

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
APP M 72L70 L740 S15 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664298
APP M 72L70 L740 S30 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664299
APP M 72L70 L740 S45 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664331
APP M 72L70 L840 S15 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664334
APP M 72L70 L840 S30 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664335
APP M 72L70 L840 S45 CL1 100H15718054LED17.4022664336

Areapak Pro Large, asymmetric

Areapak Pro Large, symmetric